To be standing right at the edge of possibly one of the biggest industries of the world, and at the best time ever too. In our current age, I believe that, we as a society are yet to truly grasp the magnitude and scope of IT in our society, probably because most people aren’t programmers.

How many wealthy entrepreneurs do we know that have acquired their multi-millions through the field of IT? Mark Zackerburg, developer of Facebook, Steve Jobs, developer of Apple and one of the top wealthiest people in the world, Bill Gates, developer of Microsoft. Not to say that the new quota to being a millionaire is being a programmer, but it if anything, this shows how powerful an industry IT is.

Even outside of the IT industry, IT specialists of various fields are in demand in the general workplace because companies depend on technology to stay competitive in the market. From the online retail websites to the computers at the work desk, IT specialists are integral to the operation of the any company these days.

In the twenty-first century where computer literacy has become the new literacy, simply having the skill of programming under your belt may prove ideal. If not because it teaches logical thinking and critical analysis then simply as a hobby because of the world of possibilities programming opens up. Learning programming doesn’t even need formal education, it may be self-taught, or learned from the internet.

The freedom of programming is that it exists in almost every, if not all, forms of industry so programmers can move fluidly through all industries, especially the IT industry. Programming isn’t just sitting in front of a computer and typing up code – well in essence that’s what it is really – but the bringing together a wide range of skills to solve a problem.

So salute to the pioneers of a new era. The digital era.