Programming is all about solving a problem. Where a problem exists, a program can be coded to solve it. That’s what Technology is all about really – solving a problem.

The telephone solved the problem of long distance communication and the computer solved the problem of complicated mathematics. Technologies are invented where there is a need for them, they solve otherwise difficult problems and programming is no different. Before a system, or software, is developed a problem is recognized, this is the first stage of all development methods usually called, the analysis phase.

Following the analysis phase, programmers begin to come up with solutions to the problem, outlining what the system must do and how it will function to solve the problem, this next phase is usually called the requirements phase. As a programmer you can really benefit from being able to think outside the box, and analyse problems in a critical manner.

There is a difference between recognizing a problem and solving, however. Sometimes it may be difficult, and require going back to the drawing-board several times, so it’s important to remember that the first attempt might not be successful. You’re not going to write your code, bug free, the first time and you’re not going to develop perfect solutions the first time either even develop methods require repeating some steps before the final product is done.

No problem exists without solution, I always like to say, and Information Technology can be a solution to many a things, in our modern society. Although we’re not likely to get it right the first few times, we programmers primarily serve to create solutions to problems and make the world a better place one line of code at a time.