True learning is a never ending pursuit. IT as an ever growing, ever dynamic industry is rarely lack of something new. What was relevant 20 years ago, has grown outdated today, and even still technology continues to develop something new every half-a-second. So believe that staying clued up can be a good idea, as a programmer.

Love to learn, because there’s always something new. If you ever get bored of Java, pick up some Csharp; if Ruby doesn’t do the trick for you, do CSS. IT is a huge industry still growing and with new technologies emerging every half a second. I’m not saying you have to learn the entire history, and syntax, of a coding language, that’s what textbooks and the internet are for, but at least go through a few tricks and trades of a language, and get the feel of it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be code itself. A wonderful thing about IT is that it encompasses so many fields, if you learn a skill in another field you can integrate it with programming, because a programmer does more than code. We programmers tend to design our software too, so you’re welcome to pick up graphics design if you want to, sometimes a program will need arithmetic and formulas to do what it does, so you’re accounting and mathematics skills may come in handy.

So have fun and keep learning.