I know what you’re thinking, ‘I should create the next Facebook, Angry birds or Microsoft and make millions’. Personally I advocate thinking big, but it’s also important to remember to look at the small details. No this isn’t another one of those ‘get real, you’re never going to do it’ talks, rather this is more a ‘here’s what you’re gonna need to do’ talks.

You’ve got your eye set on being the next millionaire who programmed something and this brilliant idea that the world has been waiting on. Whatever the product is, it will not go far without good marketing. If brilliant ideas alone was what it took to be a millionaire, this would be a whole different world. The first thing to remember with products, is that you’ve got competition out there, so you need to stand out and draw all the attention to you and your product, in your field of market. If you can market yourself exceptionally well you’ve got half the work done.

Marketing your product isn’t going to be an easy task though. This is not to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, but if you don’t have the persistence and patience to stick it out, your dreams won’t soar that high. In all likelihood you’re only going to see success from your product after months of work. Besides waiting on your product to boom, you’re also likely going to run in to a few good challenges along the way, probably from day one of development really, but that’s ok, nothing well worth it ever comes that easily anyway.

So can you create the next Facebook? Well it’s no rocket science building a social network (its programming), the real challenge is in making a success out of it. Seeds take time to grow and so does success, so it’s all green lights if you have the guts to do it.