They say knowledge is power, but exactly how powerful is knowledge? In the world of Information Technology, it’s not so much about having knowledge, but more about what you do with the knowledge you have, or in this case information.

By itself information is a raw resource, untapped. The purposes of Information Technology is to mine this raw information, or “data” as we in the IT world like to call it, and process it. Information Technology primarily exists to store, process, and output information. Think of a computer, so integral and common place in our day-to-day lives, since its invention, but why is that? Why have we grown to incorporate computers in almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives?

Information Technology is the tool with which we mine and utilize this resource of ours and the power of Information Technology is in how convenient it is. Not only does Information Technology manage information for us with amazing speed, accuracy and reliability, but it also connects us to the rest of the world in a way the human race has never been able to before. IT, in truth, is an advancement of the way we manage information as a race, through digital technology, where we used to use documents and papers.

What we programmers really do is create programs, and software, that simply work to manipulate information. I’d like to think we’re something like the great philosophers of ancient Greece, architectures of information.

So what exactly is Information Technology? In short, it’s a tool we use to utilize one of our most powerful resources.