It’s something we all run into at some point or another. No code comes without bugs and no project comes without hiccups. From my few years in IT, I’ve come to learn that trouble is inevitable, so it’s better not to try to avoid it, but rather try to overcome it.

If ever there were a code that ran without bugs at the very first try. Bugs are an inherent part of coding, you cannot escape them. Sometimes its logical errors, other times its human error somewhere in the code.  Bugs come up when an error in your code either causes irregular actions in your program or prevents it from working all together, but that’s ok, that’s why agile development methods and debugging exists, to find and fix the bugs in our code. Personally I don’t think your first few attempts at running a program should work at all, at least not after a few debuggings.

Projects, as much as programs, are bound to run in to hiccups in the IT industry. If it’s not tasks falling behind schedule, it’s requirements of the software changing either way the projects never goes as you planned it, again this is why agile development methods exist.

Challenges will arise, but they’re not the end of the world, they’re part of the process actually. Be prepared for setbacks and downfalls, meet them with solutions and success will be inevitable, eventual but inevitable.