The sky is the limit, unless you’re a programmer, than imagination is the limit because a wonderful thing about programming is that it’s a world of endless possibilities. As technical as it may be, programming has a very creative aspect to it.

At first glance programming seems very technical and systematic, like a science and no doubt it is very technical because there’s all this syntax you need to know and the process behind programming itself can be quite systematic but it also comes with a creative side where you can really test the limits of your imagination.

In truth, a program doesn’t start from you coding, it starts from the very conception of the idea of the program; from there it follows a very left-brained process of development, but right-brained creativity plays a significant role every step of the way. When you’re creating a program you’re creating a solution to something, in essence, and the thing about solving a problem is that it requires a balance of logic and creativity. You need to follow a logical process to solve the problem, but you also need to be creative to come up with the solution and make it work, and that’s the beauty of programming, it demands both logic and creativity. If you’re only good in one department but not the other, that’s ok because most projects are done in teams anyway.

Programming is a tricky mistress; it needs a little bit of everything, but it also caters to a wide audience too. A little bit of logical thinking for the scientists and a little bit of creative freedom for the artists. The canvas is yours to code.