The world is facing yet another great revolution, although I’d much rather call it an evolution. Everything you can think of is going digital at alarming speeds, smart phones have almost become today’s survival kit and what can one not do with the internet these days?

Have you joined the digital culture yet? The one where anyone with any internet accessing device is connected to the whole world in a global community of share and exchange, from the birth of crowdsourcing to the speeding up of making friends and expressing yourself on a worldwide platform. Quite often one hears negative things about the internet, of how people are rude on it and how it’s causing the youth of today to sort of decay and develop bad habits, but nothing is inherently bad. Looking at the one side of the internet you may see all the scandalous activities conducted and perpetrated through it, but on the other side you may see a medium of change and innovation.

Conference meetings held over Skype, being able to settle your accounts online and being able to shop for anything online; it’s pretty exciting isn’t it?! The digital revolution we’re facing right now as everything goes digital. Emergent technology that promises to change the world is on the rise, as cars can drive themselves now and you can catch Pokémon at the park. I believe, if anything, this promises a rise in need for programmers and another the world just being a more fun place with less and less limitations as technology comes out.

We are at the height and zenith of a very exciting time in history right now, as the line between real and digital grows ever so blurry and faint, programmers will be the pioneers of tomorrow.