​It’s where the world comes to meet and share, and it’s a fun place to speak out and speak about well anything – social media, but why are we so attached to it? Traditionalists have come to label social media as a dangerous thing to be avoided and used with caution, forgetting that nothing is inherently good or bad.

As human beings we are naturally social creatures, so our infatuation with this digital trend is no surprise it’s more quite natural, actually, for us to want to interact with one another, especially on a global scale. As we learn to become more open to one another, meeting and interacting with people of shared interests on social medias like Pinterest , Meetup and Facebook , we grow closer as a society, as we are less strangers to one another.

We’ve learnt to hold discussions as a race, and to speak as one voice when an injustice occurs, through hashtags like #PrayForParis and #BlackLivesMatter, connected and unified through social media networks like Twitter and Instagram . Now when something happens, the world knows about it in a matter of minutes thanks to this awesome power of social interaction through the internet. We are now able to engage global issues more connected than ever.

A bad thing? Not inherently, but a powerful thing without a doubt. Social media is beginning to the change the way we as a society function as a whole, and the way we interact with one another. Shaken and stirred by our new found ability to communicate on a global scale at lightning speeds, we may find the ideals and standards of our society warped and restructured in some years to come, maybe in a more unifying way.