​It’s the first thing you do when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi and it’s become a common struggle really. Updating your apps can get pretty annoying sometimes, but it has its purposes. So why do we always have to update apps, especially when usually they seem to be working just fine?

When it comes to software, there’s isn’t really such a thing as a “final product”. It’s not like architecture or sculpting where you build something once and you’re done and dusted, never to see it again. After a software is created, it still needs to be maintained and updated throughout its lifetime, so if you ever thought, one of these days Google will release the mother of all updates and you’ll never have to deal with bothersome notifications again, update that thought.

As most people will have learnt from the recent windows 10 update, software tends to have bugs, and a few glitches, in its early days – something that can’t be helped. Software will usually need an update for one of two reasons, either the developers have found, and fixed, bugs and errors or they have added a new feature, usually it’s the former reason, of the two, that a new update will be out.

Although you don’t always have to go running to the Wi-Fi when a new update is out. If you’re app or software is working just fine and the update doesn’t come with any new features, it’s actually better to skip a few updates and just update it at the third release or so.

If you haven’t already you should just accept the fact that software will always need, and have, an update as software evolves one upgrade at a time.