​The internet is, without a doubt, a very popular place. We spend quite a lot of time on it, doing one thing or another, but if you’re not convinced by the magnitude of the internet, look at how marketing has adopted to the web in the recent years, everything from Facebook accounts to web pages.

Marketing is an evolving industry, one that constantly changes, and grows, to “keep up with what’s hot” and to stay relevant, marketing has gone online. Social media networks, like Twitter and Instagram, have become the new medium for companies to advertise, and market, their brand usually in one of two ways: A company will either create an account on a social network and build up followers, or as of recent, will pay to have a post broadcasted on the network and reach thousands of social media users.

These trends aren’t only limited to social networks. These days one can’t surf the web without running into a few ads here, and there, but not only do companies pay other websites to place their ads, they also tend to have their own websites. Websites provide detailed information about a company or brand, allowing customers to really get to know a company, and companies to maintain better communication with customers.

So the next time you have to sit through the first three seconds of an ad on YouTube, or scroll past an ad on Instagram, you can believe that e-marketing is a thing now, and it’s here to stay – at least until something bigger than the internet comes along.