In 2016 we still face some of the same issues we’ve always been facing, only now they’ve gone digital. As digital technology brings us new opportunities of advancement, it also comes with new challenges.

The internet can be a place of true marvel and wonder, until your private information ends up in the hands of a malicious hacker. Crime has been a challenge throughout human history, but now we are in a time that sees the rise of a new form of crime: Cyber crime.
Cyber crime is any criminal act conducted using a computer, this includes, but is not limited to, acts such as hacking private accounts, committing fraud on the internet, phishing and piracy – yes piracy is a legitimate crime, but since most of us don’t try to make money from it, we don’t get jailed or pursued.
The new criminal of 2016 doesn’t break into your house, he breaks into your private accounts, as it’s harder to track black-hat hackers and private accounts such as Emails, tend to contain sensitive information.

The internet allows us to be more connected and open with one another, bringing us closer but likewise it makes us more accessible and vulnerable to those of us that aren’t on the internet with good intentions, but this doesn’t mean we’re completely helpless. Just as you wouldn’t leave your
house and car unlocked, you shouldn’t leave your accounts wide open to the web. It’s important to take measurements to keep your information secured online, such as managing your passwords and keeping weary of any sharks in the water (any website that asks for your email and private information is to be double-checked).
Unless You’re a famous CEO of a million-dollar company, you’re not going to be subjected to threats of hacking or cyber crime that often, but it does pay to play it safe. To roam the internet without being aware of some the dangers is to walk around with a big “hack me” sign.

As the world becomes more digital and accessible, criminals get smarter and sneakier, it’s up to you, a citizen of the internet to keep caution on the internet and safegaurd yourself. The murky waters of the internet can hold numerous threats, especially for the naive, so it’s important to take precautions against the most obvious threats
and well acquaint ourselves with the safety measurements we can take. If you can navigate the internet with a bit of wisdom, you’re free to an open world.