The internet, large and vast, world encompassing really, but what shape, what size, what colour is it?

How our minds associate things affects how we perceive them. Just like how we associate danger with certain attributes, we associate the internet with certain features, and attributes, to help us grasp the concept of the internet.

It’s no mystery that the human brain uses associations to conceptualize abstract things like warmth with love or pain with danger.When we think of the internet nothing physical comes to mind, as the internet isn’t something that’s tangible. You cannot own, or even touch the internet, and yet it is a very real object that you can use and observe so like all abstract concepts, we associate the internet with characteristics like connection , encompassing, and real-time performance. As abstract an invention as the internet is, we’ve come to perceive it almost as this place in our physical local.

From a short survey, of no more than 20, I asked people what they visualize the internet as and most of the answers came out as something vague, largely encompassing, and connected  (I got interesting responses such as “A spider web” and “A globe”). Technically the internet exists all around us as waves of frequencies communicating between devices, it is a network of networks exchanging information with one another to make up this internetwork, the internet.

The internet, put simply, is an interconnection of devices worldwide that make up the internet, but this description alone doesn’t quite suffice to satisfy the mind’s way of the perceiving of things, so we have these things that we associate with the internet to construct our own percieved model of the internet.