​The quirkiness of digital technology bringing us endless entertainment and amusement has almost completely blindsided us to seeing digital technology as what it really is – a tool.
For centuries, man has used technology to further his development and survival, from the early days of horse-drawn carriages to the current day self-driving automobiles. Man and technology have gone hand-in-hand for thousands of years, because what we lack in primal instincts and built in defences we make up for in our cunning brilliance to build technologies that improve our quality of life in some way.
Be it socializing, earning a living or even building something, digital technology has become the tool of current times, providing us convenience and precision in our day-to-day trails. Traditionalists may bash new age digital technology but man has always been inventive, pushing the envelope on latest technologies and evolving them to more intricate and powerful tools. From maps to Google maps, digital technology has taken us leaps and bounds from what we could do in the past. Our tools of survival may have grown a bit more complex than their more humble ancestors but that could be a sign that we’re becoming smarter as a species.
What is man without technology? It’s not exactly a compass and map, but digital technology is our tool of survival, more so in the 21st century where everything is going digital.