In the age of cyber crimes and world changing hashtags, the internet is no longer just a casual tool for work or entertainment,
it is now a very real place that can have consequences in the real world.

It’s a digital world, composed of one’s and zero’s, how could it possibly be “real”? In the past the internet was simply the internet, a
tool for computers to communicate with one another and a platform to get work done but as we grew to use the internet more and more, it
began to intertwine itself with real life. In its early days, the internet wasn’t seen as much, until it began having real world consequences,
such as the rise of cyber bullying, the creation of bit coins, and people even getting fired from their place of work because of something they had posted on social media.

What happens on the internet can have a very real effect in the real world, such as the recent #DataMustFall campaign, which began on twitter
and has now reached the level of parliament to be discussed in the high courts. These days one has to conduct themselves with a certain level
of caution on the internet. One wrong status update and you could end up on the wrong side of the law. This isn’t to say freedom of speech is
condemned on the web, but in an age where emails may be used as evidence, and social media is taken pretty seriously, you wouldn’t want to say, or do
something that could come back to bite you.

Laws have gone digital, money has gone digital; it’s time our attitudes got digital and we began to see just how real the internet really is. There’s
nothing wrong with fun and games online, but remember to play clean and you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Otherwise make good use of
amazing tool and have fun.