Truly an inspiring man. I believe he had his goals right

Cory Galbraith


Listen to any interview with Steve Wozniak and you’ll hear a limitless number of observations, anecdotes and opinions about technology.

But in listening carefully to Woz, I’ve discovered there is a far more impactful aspect to this genius that is little known – yet filled with messages of inspiration, hope and living the right way.

In fact, it was “Woz” and not Steve Jobs, who provided insights that allowed me to keep going in my career and business, despite a few setbacks.

The always talkative, down-to-earth Apple co-founder loves technology. Everything Woz talks about is related to the techie-world. But deep down is a highly principled, disciplined soul whose integrity has served him well.

Those are the qualities I detected under the surface of his many interviews from which I have benefitted enormously.

Allow me to explain.

“Even if I did something illegal and wrong, I would tell my parents…

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