​App review:

Evernote v7.9.4

Phone model:

 Samsung J1-Ace


Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat)


My first encounter with Evernote was as a utility program on my laptop and I would only occasionally use it to make notes, but I found myself using it more often on my android.

It depends which device is your primary workstation, but either way Evernote is an amazing app with a range of features, and functionalities, that takes note making to the next level.
The design, marvellous yet simple, creates this visual appeal without over complicating the app itself – sometimes I open the app just to look at it – combined with all the right buttons in all the right places, one is left with no complaints about the overall look of the and design of the app.

The range of functions, and features, of Evernote not only make it a powerful app, capable of creating very customized and tailored notes, but also allow it to blend seamlessly into your everyday life. Evernote allows you to save webpages from browsers, sync notes across devices, and work with others via email through the app itself. 

Work or play, Evernote is great for making notes and organizing your life, a win in my books.


Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Kingmnish@outlook.com