Phone calls are slowly growing to be outdated. In 2016 we have emails, instant texts, and video calls, all of which
either make phone calls redundant or the lesser favourite method of telecommunication. How often do we rely on cell phone
calls these days?

Why call when you can text? Unless I need to get in contact with the person right this instant, texts tend to do the job well.
Texting happens to be a very convenient technology, it’s cheaper than phone calls and the conversation isn’t limited to a minute (or
whatever little amount of airtime I have). A nice thing about instant text messaging, is that, it has opened up channels for us to have
longer, more sustained, conversations. Where a conversation over the phone ends when someone drops the call, a “chat” on any instant
text messaging platform, such as Whatsapp, can go on for weeks before it’s concluded or reaches some form of ending. Even if call rates
where dropped to a cent per hour, I wouldn’t want to be on the phone for that long. Phone calls require your attention the entire time, where
text messages allow you to respond to them at your convenience, could you imagine putting someone on hold, over the phone, for half a day?

Who do you need to call? The ghost busters?! Why blurt the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you could write a well structured, and methodically thought out, email?
Your boss, your school principle, your partner, everyone has email these days. If you have some important matter to discuss, that isn’t ‘right this minute’
urgent, it would be more convenient to send an email that they could attend to at a time of their convenience, than to call them right in the middle of a busy
day and ask them to make a decision on the spot. Although you may have to remind some people – the kind of people that hold society back by refusing to realise
that emails are really a thing now – to check their inbox every once in a while, emails are an effective method of communication, and these days it’s seen as more
professional to make use of emails.

Ancient but not quite extinct, phone calls still have their place in the world. Some situations still call for a good old fashioned phone
call, but technology being what it is, will never stay simple, and so these days simple phone calls are losing popularity to video calls. video call
technology isn’t anything new – I mean we’ve had Skype for years now – but instant text messaging platforms are bringing it back, but instead of
using, what I’d naturally assume to be, a ridiculous amount of airtime the video calls use data, making them a better (cheaper), and more entertaining,
option than phone calls. Of course at the current moment, most people will only attempt to video call you over Wi Fi, and the technology lags a bit, but
given time, video calls will most likely replace phone calls in their frequency.

The way technology is evolving traditional, spontaneous and short-lived, phone calls are very likely to see there hurried extinction in favour of the
more current, sustained and entertaining, methods of telecommunication.