Wireless technology is here, and you want to complain?? Apple is always pushing the envelope, standing right at the edge of innovative and new
technologies – respect. Apple brought us graphical user interfaces, ipods, and with the release of the iPhone 7, wireless earphones; and you
want to grunt at them?

I’m surprised wireless technology isn’t already the standard. The joys of wireless technology are that it’s wireless – no more annoying cables, and
wires, that get twisted all over the place and make it difficult to move. Picture your living room, littered with wires criss-crossing the room to
connect various devices such as your sound system or TV, and how troublesome it is to walk around that area, or even worse, trying to move one of those
devices with its wires all jumbled up. Now picture your living room, clean of wires, having wireless devices that allow you to move freely and move your
devices without hassle.

Where wires restrict us to a certain distance and flow of movement, wireless tech gives us more freedom. I often find myself struggling with the wires of
my earphones, because they tangle around me, and I have to have my device on me to be able to listen to music, even if I’m just moving to the other end
of the room. Long have I dreamt of the day I can move around freely without having to battle stray wires or carry around extra weight just to listen to music, and it’s
finally here. Hit the road audio-Jack, smartphones are going wireless. I know it feels a little bit forced, that they’d get rid of the audio-jack and make you
get wireless earphones, but you were being stubborn and their hand was forced. For decades now (obvious exaggeration) wireless audio devices have been available
we just never paid them a lot of attention. Till this day we’ve stuck by the traditional earphones, with audio-jack pin and wires, maybe because we were just used
to them, or maybe because they were our default option; whatever the reason, we stagnated at shifting to wireless, but now that all changes as wireless
is being made the new trend and at the front of this new-school wave as usual is Apple.

Wireless works. I’m sure gamers all over the world are glad joysticks went wireless, I mean besides issues faced with minor things like keeping the joystick
charged, wireless tech is wonderful. It’s more connected and more convenient. Connecting devices becomes so much easier when simply turning them on does the trick,
instead of having to find the red and blue wire and connect them to the green and yellow port. Wireless is also convenient because, unlike it’s analogous counterpart,
it doesn’t bend and wear out, how annoying it is when your earphones stop working because they’re bent. Overall wireless has less hardware problems which is a pretty
big advantage, because that means, physically there is very little you could do to mess it up.

Personally I’m glad we’re getting rid of wires, they were a pain in my life. We could all use a little less wires in our lives, holding us back and tangling us in these
horrible messes of our own design. Wireless tech is liberating and it looks really cool, like one those movies set in the far future. Admit it, you’ve got dark shades
and a long black coat to go with those wireless earphones.