App review:

Sonic Dash v3.4.0

Phone model:

 Samsung J1-Ace


Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat)

The blue hedgehog is back in 3D, arcade style. A great throwback for die hard sonic fans, and not a bad game for the runner-game types out there.

A good way to pass the time, as runner-games go, but not very challenging. Awesome for light gamers and Sonic fans – even though not once do you get to hear any of Sonic’s legendary catch phrases that we loved him for – the game sees Sonic running in a three lane stretch, dodging obstacles left, right, up and down; while collecting coins to use later for upgrading boosters. You can unlock a range of Sonic’s friends, from Tails to Knuckles, to play as (Something to keep the game lively) with the more precious red stars you earn during the game.

The scenery of the game is fantastic, but after a while you begin to notice that you’re running past the same obstacles just in varying order, and as awesome as it is swiping in both directions horizontally, and vertically, it can start to feel kind of old after a while; especially when the game doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to the table. On the bright side you really get this feeling of direction as you progress through the map in the game and succeed challenges.

If you love Sonic and his arcade-style running, collecting coins, and smashing through badniks you’re gonna like this game. It could use a little more Sonic catch phrases, but it’s cool that Sonic made it to android in 3D.
Rating: 7/10

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