​App review:

IObit Applock v2.0.1

Phone model:

 Samsung J1-Ace


Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat)

Keep pesky little brothers, and snoopy girlfriends, out of your more private apps with IObit Applock. In an age where we keep everything on our phones a little security might be a good idea, keeping sensitive apps protected from the wrong hands.

Everything you could want in an applocker, and more, from two step authentication security to the freedom of choosing which apps to lock, and how long they stay locked; IObit Applock isn’t all business. Feel like a super spy, with IObit’s cool classy blue-ish-grey theme (which totally looks state-of-the-art) and it’s handful of sneaky features that can make access to your apps only possible for those with the classified information and the secret codes. Perhaps not a definite guarantee against hackers, but it’ll keep civilians from all your other spy-related apps on your device.

Great at locking apps and looking good, but that’s about it. IObit Applock’s one drawback is that you kinda wish it could do more. Don’t get me wrong, IObit excels in its field and does an amazing job of locking apps, in a number of ways. If you’re looking to secure just your apps, IObit is the leader in this category, but this can leave us with a sense of wanting, and how awesome IObit Applock is at its job, you really wish it could do more like lock your files as well.

Don’t let your phone fall into the wrong hands without the super spy’s go to applocker. Excelling at its job, IObit won’t let you down – rather spamming the development team’s email, demanding for more actually. Keep your operations classified, using a range of smart and sneaky features, with Applock, IObit Applock…

Rating: 9/10