​So the worst of the worst recently happened – I got locked out of my device and had to wipe my data clean.
I was enjoying a Saturday evening with friends when, upon trying to unlock my phone to take a selfie or two…, I discovered that my keyboard wasn’t working. Due to the recent increase in hacker attacks around the web I had decided, in all my brilliance, to encrypt my device – cause hey who wants to have their nudes leaked on the web right?! 
Now this was a smart move, it kept my device safe and my mind at ease, except it was very annoying and somewhat problematic: my encryption had to come with a password, not a pattern, not a pin but a very long, and complex, password that I had to enter every time I unlocked my phone’s screen, which was truly a nightmare and a pain, but hey extra security right? So I was willing to suffer through that. Another little inconvenience I had to forgive was that my pc couldn’t read squat on my device, which I could understand I mean “encryption”, but that still kind of sucked nonetheless. 
I was content with giving up a bit of comfort for security, the benefits seemed to outweigh the drawbacks until it blew up in my face when I had to unlock my phone but my keyboard wasn’t working anymore. I tried everything to get the keyboard back – I reset my device, I removed the battery and switched it back on again, I switched from the lock screen to camera and back – and nothing worked until I was left with the one alternative I really didn’t want to use.
I’m a tinkerer, I like to tinker with things, dig into them and find out their mechanics, so yeah I’ve tried to root my device. My attempt wasn’t very successful, but I at least gained a few hacking skills which I used to hard wipe my phone. Dreading the idea of erasing my data and wiping my phone clean, I thought about it long and hard that Saturday night… but seeing as it was my only real solution that’s what I did the next Sunday morning. 
The hard wipe worked to disable the encryption and my keyboard hasn’t given me any issues since. So everything was gone, from pictures to contacts, and everything in between, it was all gone I even had to set an account on my phone all over again, but the story is not entirely all doom and gloom. If it weren’t for the wonder and marvel of back up, and sync technology, my digital life would have been gone for good. A little Wi Fi session and I managed to recover about half of my apps so far, thanks to this little feature of the app store keeping a record of every app you’ve ever installed ever. I haven’t synced up all my accounts yet but I’m working through them to make sure I get all my precious notes and photos. Luckily I always back up my photos to my Google photos app, and my notes on Colornote and Evernote, when I’m on Wi Fi, so not all is lost.
I still have a few contacts missing, and I have to arrange all the settings, like my home widgets and my ringtone, to how I like them again, but the recovery is going well. It’s going to be a long while before I encrypt a device again, the hassle just doesn’t seem worth it and even though I’m leaving myself unencrypted, what’s life without living a little edgy, right?!