Revolutionary greetings comrades and fellow techeads. I write you this article to share some methods of surviving the data struggle, so you can stay online as often as possible and never miss a trend.

It’s hard to stay updated with the happenings and going-ons of the internet when you’re part of the data struggle in SA, but no challenge comes without solution. As bad as the data struggle is, there are ways to stay connected without breaking your bank buying data at the cost of an arm and a leg.

A Wi-Fi Visit a day keeps the notifications at bay:

When you’re offline long enough your notifications, and emails, start to pile up. Going unchecked, these can be a nightmare to sort out and respond to all at once.

This is when you go Wi-Fi, chief. Public park or cafe, wherever you get your fix, one dose a day to quickly check your accounts and upload a seflie.

And if you need to update your apps or download a series then it’s fine, kick your feet up and get comfortable on the Wi-Fi comrade.

Keep your data in check:

If you’ve ever recharged with 100MB (because that’s the best most of us can afford in this struggle) and lost it in an instant because of stupid apps running in the background, you’ll know the pain of not keeping your data in check.

You can save yourself a lot of heartache by restricting background data or turning off your data when you’re not using it – because leaving it on uses up battery anyway and battery’s important too.

It’s not about minimizing how much data you can use, but about making sure none of it goes to waste.

Friends who care data-share:

We’re all in this struggle together, and sometimes, some of us more than others – I’ve personally endured long and difficult weeks without internet access – but that’s what friends with hotspots are for.

When you’re low on data and you need to check your Facebook or emails, ask your comrade, uSizwe or uThembi, to turn on they’re hotspot for a brother in the struggle.

Just remember to do the same for your comrades when your network provider blesses you with a free gig.

The more sim cards the merrier:

Every network provider has something unique to provide: Cell C has one of the lowest-cost data bundles, Vodacom throws out freebies like they’re Santa, and MTN is everywhere you go.

It’s 2016 – dual sim devices and back up phones – Why are you still using only one sim card? You can mix and match the benefits of each network provider to suit your needs. Power to polygamy of sim cards!

Just make sure the sim card we call you on, is always on.

We shall remain strong and steadfast in our pursuit to be able to Google and Whatsapp all day. We will tweet and instagram our struggles if we have to. Together, comrades, we can face the injustices of high data costs and still maintain our felebrity!
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