The smartphones of today are truly amazing devices to hold in awe and glory – when they’re not low on battery, which tends to be quite often.

From what phones used to be to what they are today, smartphones have really done an amazing job in evolving and becoming these powerful devices. If you were to pick up a phone from they’re early days of conception all you could do is call someone – a couple of years later and you could send a text too – and if you were to pick up the latest smartphone in today’s market you could do everything from run an online business to creating great digital media, but you’re battery would probably die around the afternoon.

Functionality in smartphones has gone up, but battery life has taken a nose dive. Amazing as it is the number of things smartphones can do, it’s not a great deal of good if you have to spend half your day next to a wall socket. On full charge, my device can last about half the day before I need to ground myself next to a charger, and at times I’m too busy in my day to be at home and charge my phone. It’s become a very real and prevalent dilemma, our phones dying on us and becoming these useless bricks in our pocket, that a market for portable chargers opened up, and I’m glad these creative people came to our rescue, but it would be of greater convenience if my devices’ battery just lasted longer.

To rate today’s smartphone technology it’s quite brilliant really, and it’s power is impressive but it has one huge drawback – you have to keep it connected to a charger 12 hours a day, which can be very inconvenient for a technology meant to convenience you.