One of the main intents of social medias, like Facebook and Twitter, is to get us socializing with one another right? And what’s more social than the news?

Social media is a good platform for socializing with friends, and random internet aquientences, what with it’s fast and real time operation, but another function social media has picked up, over the course of its growth, is covering, and discussing, the news.

A good alternative to traditional media? Some times – well most actually – faster than traditional forms of media (radio, newspaper, and television), social media has worked as an alternative to reporting, and covering news. Most often in real time, social media has been used as a platform for sharing or reporting news stories, and events – a good example being the Paris bombings that within seconds of the incident, was Tweeted, and shared worldwide – where users would either give first-person accounts of the events, if they were there, or spread word of the news through a hashtag.

The new platform for the news? It can be a bit difficult trying to get the full story of a news event on social media, because usually there are no parties dedicated to reporting accurate, and detailed news, on social media. Unless it’s something big that has the world at attention, following a news story on social media, you’ll mostly run in to a lot of side commentary from users who’s posts assume you already know what the news is, leaving the finer details for you to find out about by actually watching the news.

Should the news be on social media? We already use it to discuss hot topics, and keep up with trending events. With its speed and impact, we may see social media become the next reliable platform for news broadcasting, and reporting, adopting similar rolls to traditional medias. People will want to talk about the news on social media, so why not bring the news to them?!