A post brought to you a little closer to Christmas to make it feel a little bit more special. Enjoy.

I’ve always admired how the festive seasons bring us closer together,
make us a little more cheerier, and give us a much needed break in the ending of the year.

It’s that time of the year again, where we dig deep in to our phone books and call every one
over for a braai, or head out to the beach with family, to close off the year in joyous splendor.
This year although, we’re going to have an extra friend at the festive table joining us, Mr. D tech.

Digital technology hasn’t always been a good friend of ours (society). In the early days of our bonding, we found
digital technology to be bothersome, and disruptive, to our way of life – this being evident in the universal “no phones
at the table” rule, “its just rude!” – but lately we’ve been growing a bit more comfortable with having
our binary friend around, as we began to use it more often in our day-to-day lives.

This year, however, we can get festive, and keep the cheer of the season going, with digital tech using a few friendly tech-tips for the season:

  • Stay connected:

One of the numerous wonders of digital tech is how it’s come to make the great distances between us feel just a little bit smaller, and in a time of the year when we’d like to be surrounded by all our loved ones, but can only manage to have a few of them around, social media is worth it’s weight in bitcoins, and now with video calling enabled across several chat app-platforms, our family, and friends, won’t feel so far away.


The festive seasons are also a time to celebrate, cheer, and be merry. As freed as we are during the season, our schedules can get clustered with everything from office parties to family picnics . No need to fear, RSVPs are here. Whether you’re planning a party, or getting invited to one, RSVP’s are your go to tool. Scheduling, and planning, has gotten a whole easier with digital tools, like group chats and RSVPs.

  • Stay cyber-smart:

Crime tends to reach its apex in the holiday times, and now with a rise in cybercrime as well, one need stay evermore alert even when roaming the web, espespecially for classical cyber crime tactics like phishing, and online fraud, repackaged with seasonal ads.

  • Prepare for technical failures:

The advances of tech have grown quite useful for us in our day-to-day lives, so much so that when something shuts down or glitches it can affect us and, unfortunately, even at our current level of advancement cell phone batteries still die too soon. So keep a back up plan for when the worst happens, and no amount of technical glitches would keep you from enjoying your holidays.

  • It’s faster online:

No one wants to spend their festive seasons queuing up in long, tedious, lines, but luckily you don’t always have to. Get the app, go to the website, or email someone. Many service providers have an online system, if not an email address, that helps them provide their services so much faster, and help you avoid queues. If it means getting tech-savvy to save your holidays, then nerd up!